DragonCon Countdown in Pictures (1 Day): Things We’ll Be Doing Tomorrow! – The Unique Geek


Chez Geek!

Staying up WAY THE HELL too late playing card games!


Stirring up trouble at HeroClix events!

Threatening each others lives!

Quite possibly threatening each other’s lives!

Here is a YouTube video that summarized DragonCon pretty well!

See you there tomorrow!

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  1. Cate Donoghue says

    SOOOO excited. I’m heading there after work today to start setting up in the gallery. I kind of wish I didn’t have an artist bazaar table in the art show, because I’ll be chained to it the entire time. But at least I’ll watch all of Dragon*Con go by me 😉

    Sadly though, I ran out of time to make a costume this year.

    Have fun!!

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