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The Unique Geek

Jon, Serv, Ron, Cary, Terry, Ed, Thomas, and Need Coffee’s very own Widge hang out and discuss the awesomeness that is Star Trek. I mean seriously only an idiot would find flaws cialis 5mg in this masterpiece of a film… just call us a bunch of idiots then.

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1 Comment
  1. The Salmon says

    Super podcast. Enjoyed it.

    The discussion about the Uhura/Spock relationship drove me nuts with how wrong you fools were, though.

    What does the Oedipal fiend who thinks Spock has “mommy issues” so shouldn’t date anyone ever, think people with “mommy issues” should do? Not love any women? His mother is dead/removed, so he seeks feminine comfort and reveres women. That’s how it works, fool.

    And animeboy’s weird flip on it was strange. His first position was to like it, but when he heard it wasn’t in the original “continuality” he thought it should have been taken out. If you like it, you like it, dude. Just like it. Forget what Grandpa likes.

    Liked when what’s his name started getting the stabs of a Geek Hangover with the movie (comparing it to Independence Day).

    Jon’s “What was Chekov’s job actually?” moment was a loller.

    The Baby Salmon impression was sweet. Dicks.

    I’ve always thought Bones was called Bones as a nod to the term “sawbones,” but what do I know?

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