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The Unique GeekJon and Leigh (@DCon_XTrack) reach the end of the road with this 40 Days of DragonCon podcast. In fact, Leigh is recording while driving to prove it.

Leigh starts things off by lying about why she is driving during the podcast. The real reason was Jon finally drove her insane and now she is off to check herself in. But before the paperwork can be finished, we are joined by Kevin (aka Grim), director of MMORPGs. We talk about all sorts of stuff including online gaming for kids, what exactly is a MMORPG, and how to destroy your secret identity as an Everquest guide. We also learn all of the cool things that will be featured on the MMO track.

You can find out more about the MMORPGs Track by following them on Twitter (@DCMMO) or by going to dc-mmo.org

Also, be sure to check out Kevin’s podcast: The SnarkCast

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