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The Unique Geek Ed gathers a cavalcade of a Whovians to chat about the first half of Series 6 (or season 27, 32, 33… or whatever).

Shag, Leigh, Aaron, Ron, and Patrick all make appearances to discuss their favorite television show about a time travelling doctor.

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  1. Serv says

    Wow, Aaron showed up. That surprised me in a good way. Too bad Aaron makes his Unique Geek debut on a dr who podcast.

  2. Mike Poteet says

    You guys are so mean to Leigh! As far as the whole Tennant/Smith “debate,” I have simply decided I am not going to choose a “favorite Doctor.” Matt Smith will always be “my Doctor” in the sense that he’s the first Doctor I watched; but I appreciate what each actor brings to the role. Why play favorites when no one is forcing us to? I think your son has the right idea, Shag!

    In Eccleston’s defense, it took me a little bit to appreciate him; but my wife pointed out that, unlike Tennant or Smith at first, when Eccleston’s Doctor says he’s dangerous, you believe it. He plays controlled rage very well.

    I do, however, have a favorite companion, and it’s probably Donna, with Amy being a close second. Leigh, I totally agree with you about Donna’s fate. Shag is just wrong. ;-P It was an incredibly misognyistic thing to do to the character, and there is no telling me that RTD couldn’t have written that story differently had he cared to. (I also like Martha a lot, too. She was far closer to being the Doctor’s equal than Rose. Rose is only okay, I don’t buy Shag’s special pleading for her! An actor’s performance is either solid, or it’s not; it either stands the test of time, or it doesn’t. I did find )

    I will say, Shag, though, that you are right, there is no reason we’ve seen all of the Doctor and River’s adventures on screen. In fact, even in “Good Man Goes to War,” we hear about another meeting — the iceskating in 1814 (don’t tell Stevie Wonder, ha!) — that, presumably, we will not be witness to at some point.

    We did not have the real Amy in ep 2. “Sometime before America,” the Doctor says. It doesn’t cheapen any of the first episode, because they have established that Ganger Amy is a later version of the Flesh tech than the Gangers in “Rebel Flesh” / “Almost People.” She is a flesh avatar, meaning (I presume) the avatar is faithfully presenting the real Amy’s thoughts, actions, emotions, etc. (but not being a “real person” in her own right, as the earlier Gangers were).

    Have to give props to the theory that the Doctor didn’t know the girl from the Gamma Forest because she met the Ganger Doctor. I just chalked it up as a very telling glimpse into the Doctor’s psyche: he doesn’t actually remember everyone because he is becoming this uber-warrior as opposed to the adventurer hero he set out to be. Very interesting!

    I have never heard that any of series 5 or 6 scripts were Tennant’s “leftovers,” and, though I’ve only been a Who fan since 2010, I’ve been reading up as much as I can. Plus, if you read DWM and the Doctor Who Magazine specials, I don’t remember there being any reference to “rewriting old scripts” or the like. “The Lodger,” of course, began life as a Tenth Doctor comic in DWM, but that’s the closest I know about. Could be wrong, though.

    I enjoyed what I heard of the conversation and would have kept listening if Shag hadn’t spoiled the 13th episode — at least you gave a spoiler warning so I had time to take out my earbuds. (Shame on you, Shag!) But, I will be sure to come back once season 6.5 airs and hear the rest!

  3. Shag says

    Mike – Thanks for the all the comments! Great thoughts, except the parts where you said I was wrong. 🙂

    The spoilers for Episode 13 were very minor, I felt. Nothing about the main characters, just some setting information that leaked.

    Regardless, thanks again for all your feedback! I look forward to debating season 6 with you over on TWO TRUE FREAKS!


  4. LeighBC says

    Dear Mike, you are now, officially, my favorite commenter for TUG. 🙂

    That being said, YES, YES, YES! Shag is TOTALLY wrong about Rose. Again, less about her “acting” and more about the character — and much like Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, I think Shag’s opinions are much more about the winsomeness of Ms. Piper than in the actual character.

    (Shag, admit it – just like Clarkson, you would have let her get whatever time she wanted, even though she didn’t follow the course.)

    “You guys are so mean to Leigh!” They SO are! 🙂

    “Matt Smith will always be “my Doctor” in the sense that he’s the first Doctor I watched; but I appreciate what each actor brings to the role.” I am, as I type this, wearing my “You Never Forget Your First Doctor” t-shirt from ThinkGeek. (product plug – send us something :D). I think that I like Smith most – right now – because he’s my “first” AND because I so adore Amy! BUT, if I get into Dr. Who, I am open to the fact that I can enjoy more than one Doctor. 😀

    “Leigh, I totally agree with you about Donna’s fate. Shag is just wrong. ;-P It was an incredibly misognyistic thing to do to the character, and there is no telling me that RTD couldn’t have written that story differently had he cared to.” <– THIS! Yes, a thousand times, yes! There were MANY ways that it could have happened and RTD is just lazy and he, honestly, doesn't like women (watch almost any episode of his Queer as Folk – the women are ALWAYS seen as bitchy and whiny and in the wrong…even when no one in their right mind would see it that way.)

    It also bothers me about Donna because you see someone who has come into her own, found her strengths (dare I say self-aware and empowered? yes, I dare 🙂 )and knows what she wants and is willing to put herself out there. And then, to do that? FRAK YOU, RTD. Frak. You.

    I've rewatched the opener again (both parts) and I fully believe that we get Granger-Amy in part 2 of the opening. We don't see Eye-Patch woman until that episode so I'm thinking during the three months in America. We'll see.

    I go with the idea that "forest girl" is going to meet the Doctor when she is younger…and who knows which Doctor he will be (maybe a future one? She didn't seem to "know" his face, if you get my drift). But I'm okay with a Granger-Doctor idea.

    (here's the only quibble I have with that – and it's because I adore River and her taste in shoes! (Louboutins FTFW): If it is the Granger-Doctor that does some of those things, then that may mean that many of River-Doctor interactions are the Granger and that bothers me. Yeah, yeah, Granger does not = < The Doctor but…bothers me.)

    I go with my "leftover comment" from Rob Levy, a great podcaster with NeedCoffee's Weekend Justice podcast. He writes an amazing blog on Dr. Who (have you checked it out? You should – AND he warns for spoilers 🙂 ) and said that about a few of the episodes being "leftovers." I'll check with him again.

    Mike, I hope I get invited back for more Who-discussions. I will look forward to your comments.

    *hugs, air kisses and a salute with a Cosmo*

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