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These are the Dragon Con Rules – live them, know them, follow them…or else !

Then there are Leigh’s Rules.

Their’s are very important and are official. Mine will keep you alive during Con…and might get you laid.  Just sayin’.

TWO (2) Real Meals Per Day

This means a meal that has fruits and vegetables.[1] I’d like it to be a meal you need to sit down to eat but I’m realistic.  If it’s a chicken wrap with extra cucumbers and salad in it that you are eating as you run to the next panel, I’ll allow it.  Your body runs on food – real food, not sugar and caffeine[2]So you need to eat at Con.  Two meals is really good.  One when you “wake up”[3] and one about 12 hours after.  For me, that means a good breakfast and then a good dinner. 

We’re all on a budget at Dragon Con. Yes, you could do a breakfast buffet at one of the hotels.  Or you could go to the food court.  Both are fine!  The food court has things like breakfast burritos or chicken biscuits or many, many other options that are decent for you and you can get a fruit cup too!  There’s even a place that does a breakfast buffet at the food court (you pay by the ounce…so be careful) but you have options to eat a decent “first meal” and last meal.  But!  You don’t have to actually buy food in a restaurant!  You can bring stuff and hold it in your cooler (or buy at a grocery store when you get here).  There’s even shelf-stable milk now!  You can get some cereal, a few bananas[4] and some shelf stable milk and that is a good breakfast (well, along with a carafe full of the free hotel coffee…but I digress).  Costs maybe $5 for the full four days and you’ve got breakfast covered!

This does not mean you shouldn’t do some snacking and you shouldn’t go by the wonderful ConSuite (2nd floor, Hyatt, straight above the small convenience store in the corner[5]).

Snacks are good.

Snacks are fun.

And the cheesy poofs I often get around 3pm in the ConSuite are really yummy.

But those are snacks, not a “real meal” so don’t think you can live off the four granola bars you threw in your carry-on and the ConSuite for all your DCon food needs.

And your inevitable comments:

  • But, but! I don’t have money for food and booze and autographs and all the t-shirts I want!
    • I get you. Budgeting sucks.  But so does passing out during a panel or fainting during a long gaming session or throwing up expensive booze.  Or throwing up on lots of t-shirts that the merchant makes you buy after you drink but don’t eat.

You gotta eat real food.  Figure out that budget.  And, maybe…just maybe…you don’t need a copy of that Kirk/Spock 2016 t-shirt.

  • Um, again, the getting laid part?
    • Here’s the deal. If you eat and SHARE a meal with someone (I’m talking going “dutch”), you can talk.  And maybe meet someone.  Who might be interested in getting to know you.  In many different ways.  Plus, when you eat, you have better brain capacity.  So you’ll notice when someone is being receptive to your oh-so-flirty-banter.  And you’ll have energy for whatever you two, mutually and with full adult consent, get up to!
      • As a side note, again, no means no and I’m trusting everyone to not be “that guy or that gal” in hopes of getting laid.
  • Listen up, you. I’m perfectly fine living off granola bars and cheesy poofs!
    • No, you really aren’t perfectly fine doing that. Yeah, can you maybe not die during the four days of Con.    But when you get home you’ll feel absolutely terrible.  One, because you didn’t eat decently and two, because your weakened body was open and ready and receptive to EVERY CON BUG there was and you will get something.  You’ll get ConCrud and you’ll try to pass it off on everyone else when it was really all your own fault.
  • Eating a real meal takes time! And I have to go see the Panel on Steampunk, THEN the Guest Panel on the GREATEST SHOW EVER!  Plus, I need to see the Art Show, play a few hands of Munchkin in the Gaming Room and then go to a different panel on Children’s TV!  I can’t do it all!  So, eating real food has to go.  I’ll grab a burger on the way.
    • *SIGH* Yes, it takes time.  But so do all those panels and everything you want to do.  And I said, as a realist, I know you might be eating on the go.  So, maybe, just maybe, instead of grabbing that burger get something different.  Maybe a salad with chicken that you can carry and eat at the back of the panel room during Steampunk[6].   Chicken Salad = real meal (as long as there is more than just lettuce.  Get a good one – cucumbers and tomatoes and other veggies.)  Or even do that burger and fries but also grab a banana and/or apple and/or carrot sticks.

There are ways to do this.  Want to play Munchkin? Awesome!  Schedule while you are eating dinner.[7]  Maybe see if that Guest Panel you want to see is on DC TV so you can watch and take something up to your room to eat.

Basically, you need to fit eating TWO meals into your schedule.  You can do it.  Be creative.  I know you are all creative.

Eating two meals a day makes for a better body for you throughout the Con.  And, of course, I didn’t put it in here because I KNOW you’ll do it, this also means drinking your water!  At least six glasses a day!

[1] I’m not Ronald Reagan so I don’t count the ketchup on your burger as a veggie.  Don’t get the reference?  1.  Dear diety-of-the-day, I’m old. 2. Use that google-fu again.

[2] Not paid for by the Sugar is The Bestest!  Or Caffeine is Life!  groups.

[3] Or get out of bed.  Or start the new day of your Con.  Many of you party all night and sleep all morning and that means that your “wake up” time might be 2pm.  I get that.

[4] Please hear this in a “minion-voice”

[5] Still won’t help Jon find it.  Seriously.  His sense of direction?  Tis sad.

[6] Just please pick up your trash and throw it away.  I don’t know of a track director who gets upset at people eating in the track room – it’s more that they’ll get upset and make a rule that you can’t IF you leave your trash.  So, be a decent person and pick up your trash. J

[7] I’ve played Munchkin.  You aren’t under a time limit here.  Or any sense of real rules.  You can play and eat.



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