Geek Beer Month: Sparks Plus – The Unique Geek



Beer: Sparks Plus

Bottled By: Steel Brewing Co. (Irwindale, CA)

APV: 7%

What Makes It Geek?: DUDE!!! It contains alcohol, caffeine, taurine, and ginseng. Seriously, if this isn’t geek, then Shag doesn’t sleep in Aquaman underoos.

Goes Great With: All night games of Chez Geek or extended sessions of Wisest Wizard.

When to Drink: When you don’t want sleeping to interfere with your drinking.

When Not To Drink: While recording a podcast and wanting to sound even slightly coherent.

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  1. Shag says

    Hey! How did you know about my underoos?!?!? I thought I found all your spycams in my bedroom! Pervert!

    The Irredeemable Shag

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