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The Unique Geek Shag (Once Upon A Geek), Scott (Need Coffee), Jon, Serv, Sterling (New Bards Press), Mike B (Views From The Longbox), and Widge (Need Coffee) review The Incredible Hulk. Well, at least that is what we are supposed to do, but really we were just on the phone passing time.

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  1. Rox of Spazhouse says

    I just listened to this cast and I thought I would voice a few comments.

    It seems that people are so desperate to have a comic book movie, that when one is produced as fans we seem to have to make amends for the flaws and foibles that plague these movies. People make comments that parts of a movie were good. Well, parts of a movie do not necessarily make a whole movie good.

    Hellboy the first movie is a good example of compiling the origins and group dynamics together to further the story line. There were some glitches in special effects, but the writing was solid as well as direction.

    Movies that are helmed by people who actually know and understand the comic books that they are making create a better product.

    Case in point, Spiderman 2 was far superior to both 1 and 3. The story which used about a third or so from Michael Chabon was very cohesive and solid. Spiderman 3 was bad but as with all these films there are parts that one likes. I personally did not think I would like Sandman, but it seemed someone in Hollywood wrote a compelling story line for him and in the end it was his character that I liked. Right here is the argument, parts always bits and parts.

    I believe that people in Hollywood really think that the fans and movie goers will find something in their mishmash film that would appeal to them and hence get their money.

    Also, do you have any women who appear on your show? Just checking.

    Oh yeah, quite fiddling with the dials during your recording. It hurts my ears as I am using Shure 530 earbuds and I hear everything.

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