Issue 76 – DragonCon 2008 Preview – The Unique Geek


The Unique Geek Scott (Need Coffee), Jon, Michael (Views From The Longbox), and Shag (Once Upon A Geek) discuss the upcoming festivities from DragonCon. We lose Scott a little way in – we think Fay may have killed him, but we can’t be sure.

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  1. ScottC says

    Fay didn’t kill me. But she did kill my cellphone, or at least my cell service for the rest of the evening.


  2. Rox of Spazhouse says

    I am going up on Wednesday!! And I can’t wait!

    Sorry, I could not make the podcast. I had Fay lap top problems.

    I will be on the Sherlock Holmes and British Lit panel as well as several Need coffees. I am also volunteering to help out at the Film Fest.

  3. Rox of Spazhouse says


    Hyatt always gives me an early check in. Last year, I checked in at 7 am and years before I was able to check in at 9 am.

    Hilton sounds like it sucks.

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