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Wonder WomanThe LA Times blog Hero Complex, has posted an interview with Beyonce where she claims to want to play Wonder Woman.

While we here at TUG believe that she has the legs for the part, we question whether she has the (acting) chops. Not that we are kidding ourselves and somehow believe that WW would be high-art, but it does take more than an awesome body to make a movie good.

JavaCary over at the listServ warns all of us of a pending update to your Java engine. In what is a either a sign of the economic times or a sign of the coming apocalypse – Java/Sun has decided to include a MICROSOFT toolbar in their Java upgrade/install. As a Java warrior in the .NET/Java wars, I mourn the loss of this battle.

ConanIn another possible sign of the apocalypse, we are reporting that Superhero Hype is reporting that Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Brett Ratner will reportedly be helming the new Conan film. No word on what wacky sidekick part Chris Tucker will reportedly play.

CapCaptain America has a director! Joe Johnston, who’s past credits include “The Rocketeer”, “Jumanji,” and ummm….”Jurassic Park III” (that last one is forgivable only because it was a Spielberg Joint) has agreed to direct First Avenger: Captain America. Joe has also worked on “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Star Wars” in various artistic production roles.
Of course, they still don’t have a script, but really who needs that?

Transformers 2Lastly, to many geeks consternation, Transformers 2 is still proceeding. Seibertron.com has a field report from the flight deck of the USS John C Stennis where filming just wrapped.

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