5 Tasty Geek News Bites – 111208 – The Unique Geek


SmellToday from the science desk we learn that your odor is as unique as your fingerprints. Judging from the elevators at the last DragonCon, there a lot of people have strange fingerprints.

BilboDelToro continues to be a busy guy… the Sci-Fi channel has a quick interview with the man about his upcoming projects including Frankenstein and The Hobbit.  In the interview he discusses where he is at with The Hobbit and what he is willing to give up to make Hellboy III.

Obama The Geek

America has made history; we finally elected the first Geek as President (at least that is how I see it). According to an article on the Telegraph website we learn that President-Elect Obama has several geek-leaning tendencies among them are:

  • Comic collecting (Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian specifically).
  • He has a diverse taste in music (Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Bach and The Fugees)
  • He plays Scrabble and poker
  • Continually checks his BlackBerry
  • Has read all of the Harry Potter books
  • Uses a Mac laptop
  • And the ultimate geekness – rejection… He applied for a pin-up calendar while at Harvard only to be rejected by the all girl committee.

Punisher War ZoneEd over on the listServ reminds us that the next major comic book movie coming out is Punisher: War Zone. The general feeling at the TUG HQ is that there is hope for this movie, but some believe that it just looks like a remake of The Boondock Saints.

WatchmenOh, and there is all kinds of buzz about some sort of Watchmen movie? Huh, never heard of it. I guess there are some new posters out or something. I will keep an eye out for news about this movie, I understand some people are interested in it – not exactly sure why.

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