40 Days of DragonCon (Day 6) – Rox’s Survival Guide: Log Entry 002 – The Unique Geek


Rox Of SpazhouseDragon Con Survival Tips by Rox of Spazhouse

Log Entry 002: HYDRATION

Other than getting food into you. Staying hydrated is another fact you must consider.

First, get yourself a good size water bottle. A water bottle is handy especially if the hotel staff is running behind in replenishing the water jugs.

Chill the water and wrap a wash cloth around the bottle and place in your back pack. (Don’t forget the return the wash cloth to your hotel when you leave). This helps keep the water cold and the condensation from seeping on to your first edition “I Am Spock” by Leonard Nemoy.

The cool washcloth is refreshing to use on your face and hands when having to wait in one of the long out the door Star Trek lines on a hot afternoon.

You can use the washcloth to wipe off some of the sweat and grime you will pick up. You will hunt me down and thank me for this one.

Replenish your water bottle in the panel rooms often. You will be surprised how much water you will be downing through the course of four days.

SIDE NOTE:  Adding a power aide to your water intake is not a bad idea.

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