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Survival Guide: Log 003-2010

The Walk of Fame and Autograph Sessions

I have found a few tricks to getting items signed, mainly for people who could not make it, relatively quickly. I have found Fridays right at 1 p.m. right when the doors open to get autographs. You can get much out of the way, if you are systematic in getting several autographs. Scope out the map at the front of the room. Some of the guests from the same show will be seated next to each other. Again check the map. If you miss a guest you have four days to make up.

As was mentioned on one of the 40 Days of Dragon Con podcasts, the time to go is during the parade. The parade runs about an hour from 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. That is a golden hour. I ventured right over after my walk in the parade (about 10:20 a.m.). I went right into the Marriott back entrance then crossed over the Hilton/Marriott skyway. The only time I had to wait was for Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films) he needed to take a quick break. Even then, I had ample time with Malcolm McDowell and get a copy of Caligula DVD signed for my sister.

If you want to see the parade but have only Saturday for autographs, watch the parade on the street with the Hilton. Stand on the side of the Hilton as the police will not allow you to cross the street. This is the end of the parade, so you can get into the Hilton as soon as possible.

Please note that each guest sets their own price for their autographs in the Walk of Fame. Dragon Con does not get a cut from their sales. Please be considerate to the guests, it would not hurt to thank them for coming.

More popular guests and authors will garner having to wait in line. Felicia Day from my notice, was quite extensive. When this happens, Get to know your neighbor. I learned this when I was reprimanded by another line attendee waiting on Harlan Ellison. I was trying to read on my Handspring and I was called out for being anti-social. After that I do make a point to chat with other line people. It turned out we did have a good time swapping Harlan Stories. Hearing people’s con stories can be just as good as yours. from line standing, I have also found out about panels that I may have missed or guests I have not gotten to. I also used this opportunity to give out information on panels that I am associated with, or panels that might be of interest to others.

Free Autograph Sessions (Mainly for Literary Guests)

There are free autograph sessions when literary guests be signing. These are done at specific times and are at hour intervals. These sessions are handled first come first signed. So take note, if your author is popular please allow for line sitting before the session starts. The earlier you get in line, the sooner you get your book signed, thus freeing you go to your next event. Be aware that there might be some exemptions and limitations of type and number of items you may get signed. The Dragon Con website does list promoting equal access to handicapped attendees but does not exclude them from the first come-first serve rule.

Time for the Autograph sessions are limited so please be considerate of the guest and the other fans by limiting your face time. Though, it might be strange when an author does want to chat. I had this happen when I was in line getting a a book signed by Robert Anton Wilson, the author of The Illuminatus Trilogy. He wanted to chat about L.A. Law since my name reminded him of the character Roxanne the secretary on that show. I was a fan of that show and was all too happy to chat, though I could feel eyes burning into the back of my head. If this occurs, thank the guest and thank the people behind you. Again, please thank the guest as these are free autographs.

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