40 Days Of DragonCon 2010 (Day 18) – Rain – Space Track – The Unique Geek


The Unique GeekJon and Leigh are back to bring you another DragonCon track director interview.

For this podcast we get all scientific and are joined by Rain of the Space Track.

Rain shares all sorts of space knowledge while Jon tries to avoid looking directly into the sun. She gives us the inside scoop on what to expect from her track this year including what James Marsters has to do with the Space Track (hint: it has nothing to do with space vampires, though that would be cool).

More info on the Space Track can be found here:

Space Track Website

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  1. rain says

    Leigh and John,

    Thanks so much for letting me participate and talk about my Space Track! It was a lot of fun and hopefully your audience won’t find it too boring. As all of us Track Directors do, I love my Space Track and could go on about it for hours! lol

    You two are fabulous for doing this and Dragon*Con and all of us who are participating really appreciate the time and effort you are putting in.

    A change that has happened since this was recorded. Unfortunately we will not be able to show the first Hubble images of Hanny’ Voorwerp after all. NASA policy won’t support that until the topic has an accepted journal paper on the results and while that’s in the works it won’t happen for Dragon*Con. People can still see what Hanny discovered at http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap080625.html.

    Thanks again John and Leigh!


    1. admin says

      Thank you Rain! We really enjoy doing these talks.

      And, for the record, you were not boring, quite the opposite.


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