40 Days Of DragonCon 2010 (Day 20) – Video Special – The Unique Geek


For todays post, because I am feeling a bit lazy… (Heck I missed day 19) … and because I have more podcasts to put together – Here are a couple of videos from D*C 2009.

The Shatner and Nimoy Panel (part of a playlist)

And 10 minutes (or so) of the Nuts On The Road Panel Show from 2009. It features our friends Widgett Walls and Ken Plume. Be sure to check your DragonCon schedule for the 2010 edition. Enjoy.

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  1. Kaung says

    A question for future track directors. How does the process of announcing guests work? Is there some intentional delay to space them out/build last minute ticket sales surges, or do you really announce them as soon as everything is worked out with all parties involved. Thanks!

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