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Jon and Leigh are pleased to chat with John and Troy from registration for this issue of the 50 Days of Dragon*Con podcast.

In this issue we discuss the NEW registration and badge pick-up system. Here is a hint… Don’t throw out that postcard.

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  1. rox_of_spazhouse says

    The woman who ran the Steampunk emporium caught me riding my bike up to the hilton and asked me to be part of the show last year. I showed off my steampunk bike and I will tell you It was insane! The line was out the door of the Westin then snaked up to the second floor.

    Awesome to be part of that. I commandeered a fellow Cowford (The Jacksonville Steampunk Society) to be my assistant. He took photos for me of the other cool items that were on display. I was next to the Steampunk Segway guy.

    Totally fun.

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