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Hello gentle readers!

So it’s Saturday at Dragon*Con. It’s like 4:45 PM, you just got out of a panel or maybe you just left “The Pit” where the dealers wheel and deal. Your stomach reminds you that you haven’t eaten since you got up at the crack of 10 AM. Below you will find some links to a few dining establishments that we ThUGs have found to be tried and true friends of the geeks.

First and foremost (and much to the chagrin of Dr Jen…) I have to list the food court at the Peachtree Center.  This stalwart dining spot offers The Unique Geek favorites such as:

  • Chick-Fil-A (but don’t forget, like an evil pious wretch, they are closed on Sunday)
  • Moe’s (yes, I have a slight burrito addiction…thank you Moe’s!)
  • Subway
  • GW Cheesesteak
  • Roman Delight Pizza
  • Dairy Queen
  • Caribou Coffee (Starbucks like coffee spot, but their roasts generally taste less…burned)

There are many other dining spots that the ThUGs haven’t tried while at the Peachtree Center for D*C (like Yami Yami Sushi…which in all honesty can smell kind of Yucky Yucky {woot to JJ!} at times.) so remember, any place you eat can be a crap shoot!

What’s that? You want to go to a restaurant that has their own tables and chairs? We ThUGs have tried all these dining spots and survived:

The Corner Bakery – conveniently located just across Peachtree St from the Hyatt’s front door! Relatively healthy to boot!
Mama Ninfa’s –  located in one of the lower levels of the Peachtree Center, this has been a ThUG staple for years!
Gibney’s Pub – also in the Peachtree Center, nice spot for some Fish & Chips and a pint!
Max Lager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery – we’ve had good meals here, and we’ve had just ok meals here. Service can be crazy with all the con folks, so just know that going in!
Durango Steakhouse – It’s a steakhouse chain, but it offers table service…what else do I need to say?
Hooters – Well D*C weekend is also the kick off of college football season…wings, beer, football…all a nice change of pace from the chaos that is D*C!
Trader Vic’s – OK, to be totally honest, the only calories I have taken in from Trader Vic’s have been liquid…but they serve food too! Conveniently located in the Hilton!

Ok, so that’s a few of the ThUG food haunts…but we’re always looking for new joints to try. Let us know where you find grub at the con (unless you just eat granola bars all weekend long…) so we can try them out!

Got a favorite food haunt at D*C?  Leave a comment or drop us an email (50Days[at]theuniquegeek.com)

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  1. LeighBC says

    If you are wanting to do a “nice” dinner (around $20/per entree), I’d recommend:

    Sear at the Marriott
    Azio at Peachtree Center

    Sometimes you want to get away for a bit for something a little nicer, with tableclothes and wine. Just an FYI, there’s not a “dress code” at these places but I’d suggest jeans and a decent shirt (instead of your ratty shorts and 20 year old Captain America shirt 😉 ).

    If you REALLY want to splurge:

    Morton’s on Peachtree Center Blvd (about one block from the Hyatt back entrance)
    Nikolai’s Roof at the Hilton (top floor)
    Any of the restaurants at the Ritz Carlton (two-three blocks from the Hyatt front-entrance)

    For these, you need nice pants/shirt or a skirt. They are a splurge but they are wonderful!

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