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If you’ve played or play any RPG, you should take moment of silence before you start your next campaign.

Gary GygaxHONOR HIM! For without him you probably wouldn’t be a geek and might have spent more time socializing in “real life” that could have blossomed into a jet-set lifestyle that included the likes of Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie in your Blackberry!

But, while the ‘pretty people’ might seem to have it all, they have never braved the Hordelands or have been foolish enough to enter The Underdark. They don’t know the feeling of taking on a Bugbear with only a dagger, knowing all hope is gone. No, those people have never used their imagination for more than to figure out what Poly-cotton blend goes well with their newest pair of designer sunglasses.

But alas, you and I joined his cult and revelled in our Girdles Of Giant Strength, Bracers Of Defense, Rings Of Invisibility, +5 Flaming Swords, Magic Missiles, Staves of Blindness, Cure All Wounds, Player’s Handbook, DM Guide, Monster Manual, and module upon module of campaigns never taken.

You OWE HIM for every second of enjoyment you’ve received from playing WOW or EVERCRACK!

Therefore, I, Dentar, born on the 7th day of the 7th month at the 7th hour of the year 1984, 12th Level Elven Magic User – kneel, bow my head and lay down my Staff of Wizardry at the feet of the man who fathered me…the Supreme Deity of all that is RPG….Gary Gygax! We are sorry to see you fail your last saving throw.

Note: The events described in this post may or may not have happened as I spent most of the time playing D&D in a Mountain Dew, chocolate, and Doritos induced stupor.

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