40 Days Of DragonCon 2010 (Day 24) – Rox’s Survival Guide – Podcast Edition – The Unique Geek


Log 003 2010

Special Gaming Podcast Edition…

Rox of Spazhouse is back with another Survival Log Entry.

This time we do a special crossover podcast edition of the survival guide.

Well okay not exactly a crossover…

Like all of us in these last days leading up to the big D*C she is busy and figured she could knock out two birds with one 10 sided die.  So, we have decided to cross-post Rox’s DragonCon gaming guide from NeedCoffee.com’s Grue Cafe (with Widge’s permission of course).

So, go forth and roll your natural twenties.

Rox can be found on Twitter, at her blog, and campaigning to be Hobo Queen 2011.

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