40 Days Of DragonCon 2010 (Day 23) – Twitter Edition – The Unique Geek


So you are going to Dragon Con, thinking of going to Dragon Con, or wondering what the frack is Dragon Con? Well, here are a few Twitter accounts that might prove useful to follow…. Don’t hate me for not including your favorite twitterer – It was random selection. If you got a Twitter account I didn’t list feel free to leave a comment with the accounts.

DragonCon (official? Not sure)

DragonCon Store

DragonCon Filk

DragonCon TV

DragonCon Anime Music Video Contest

Young Adult Literature Track

The Daily Dragon

DragonCon BritTrack

DragonCon Media Relations

DragonCon MMO


These should be good to get you started.

As I stated above, if you are going to DragonCon or know a DragonCon Twitter account that should be listed, please leave a comment with account name (as well as any comments you have) in the post.

*Note: Apparently I forgot to hit post last night – sorry for the delay

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