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The Unique Geek Scott (Need Coffee), Jon, Serv, Cary, Ron, and Todd review Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. There really is not much to say about it other than ehhh….

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  1. Rox of Spazhouse says

    First off all movies should be matinee films. Or have a credit card that gives you points that go toward amc theatres. Doling out $10.00 plus for a film is now too crazy.

    Hellboy is good for a matinee. I am a fan of both Hellboy and del Toro separately. Mignola has his hands in on all the Hellboy material so any problems with the film should be shouldered on Mignola as well as the director and screen writer.

    I did have problems with the film such as the pregnancy situation. Why? This was done before in films and it does not work. It always seems like a desparate move. And the tree monster scene, which looked like the forest spirit from Princess Mononoke, was to show case how Hellboy will interact with his kids in the future films.

    Oh and I could not stand the make up on young Hellboy. So if there is a small story line about pancakes they should find another kid actor. And that pancake episode was one page and was mentioned in the first film. So we really don’t need to waste film on that. Or maybe they can since they wasted so much time on that Barry Manilow sing along. Argh.

    The character of Manny was a total doofus this time. At least with the first film he managed to hold his own.

    I think honestly I think I enjoyed the first film as part of a series.

    Question even though Hellboy the movie is different from the books and different from the animated series. How well does anyone thing of the animated series?

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