DragonCon Countdown (25 Days): 3 Things To Keep In Mind – The Unique Geek



  1. People Hate You: Everyone who is still standing in line waiting for their badges hates the fact that you already have yours. This holds true two-fold for the people on the outside of the elevator doors.
  2. Security Guards Are Your Friends: Yeah, they can be tools at times, but in the end they are the gate keepers that keep the norms out (and by “norms” I mean Norm McDonald and Norman Rockwell). They have a tough job give them a break.
  3. People Will Stop Get over it: Yes it is annoying when you are trying to get to a panel and someone stops to take a photo of a dude dressed as Sailor Moon, but damn don’t let it ruin your day… just knock them over and keep going.
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  1. Rox of Spazhouse says

    I think the C and S last name lines are the longest in the pre-reg lines. They usually clog the lines for us lesser used letter names because they can’t move.

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