DragonCon Countdown (24 Days): 3 Things Not To Be Missed – The Unique Geek


  1. Nuts On The Road: Gonzo Sound And Vision – The guys from Need Coffee and Quick Stop Entertainment have decided to prove that they are, in fact, masochists and have revived the Gonzo Film Fest with some promised twists. Go Gonzo Saturday Evening
  2. 7th Annual Dragon*Con Parade – The parade is Saturday morning at 10am, so after all of the drinking and partying that was done by the parade participants the night before: this is the quietest and yet coolest parade you will ever see. What other parade features hung over Klingons marching step for step with the graduating class of Hogwarts.
  3. George Hrab – If you haven’t heard this dude, do so right now, he is quite cool. I am not sure if he is performing at the Con, but I am sure  you will be able to find him hanging out at the Skeptic and Podcasting tracks. Check out George here.
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  1. Rox of Spazhouse says

    I am still debating about walking in the parade.

    Hey, the Brit Track is hosting an Anniversaries Party. Doctor Who, Prisoner, Blake 7, 100 Years of Ian Fleming, Hitch Hiker’s Guide, and Red Dwarf, so stop by.

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