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rox4Dragon Con Survival Tips by Rox of Spazhouse

Survival Tip 006: Getting Around

MARTA (itsmarta.com)

Marta gets you to the places you need to go. I like MARTA. MARTA welcomes cyclists on the train and buses have BOB or Bike on Board racks on the outside of the buses. If you are flying in from the Airport, it is easy to find the MARTA station. It is up a set of escalators on the outside of the terminal.

You can take either North Springs train or Dunwoody train. Both cruise into Peachtree Station. Once you you head into the Five Points Station, Peachtree is your next stop.

Train Frequency

Weekday Peak Service (6:00AM – 9:30AM / 3:00PM – 7:30PM): Every 10 minutes

Weekday Off-Peak Service: Every 15 minutes

Saturday All Day: Every 20 minutes

Sunday All Day ( and Holidays [Monday]): Every 20 minutes

From Five Points Station the trip to the airport is about 16 minutes.

A single fare is $1.75

Visitor multi-Day pass runs (1-4 Days) $8.00 – $12.00

This is an unlimited ride pass and can be purchased at the Airport Station.

On returning to the Airport the MARTA station deposits you right into a Delta terminal. You can check in easily there.

NOTE: For those attendees who are in hotels in out lying areas the last trains heading to the North East Station is at 1 a.m. from the Airport. Last train from Peachtree is 1:19. You may need to make arrangements if you plan on staying at some of the very late programming.


At many of the stations you can catch different buses to different parts of the city, such as at the North Avenue Station you can catch the Route 2 Ponce DeLeon bus to venture to Little Five Points, the cool, hip place with the shops and restaurants. If you do this you need to get off at Moreland Ave. and either walk down to Little Five Points a few minute walk or catch the Route 6 – Emory

Many of the schedules you can find online and can download handy pdfs.

Buses seem to run every 45 minutes on Saturday.

  1. Serv says

    Great post…the MARTA is a wonderful way to get form the airpot to the general events of the con!

  2. electric gate says

    oops! was just doing a google search on electric gates for a project at work and somehow came here. Much more interesting than what I’m supposed to be doing so thanks for the diversion I guess lol. Will be back!

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