50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 31) – Found Video – The Unique Geek


There are A LOT of videos out there from DragonCon. Here are a couple that I found that encapsulate just a little of the fun that is D*C.


First up, Chad Vader introduces 75 characters he met at DragonCon.


Next, a video from Beat Down Boogie’s Snake and Ghost at DragonCon 2010.


As most of you know, Mr. Nimoy has had to cancel his appearance at DragonCon 2011. So lastly, we have this bittersweet video from 2009 in which the lovely Leigh interviews Leonard.

  1. Carmel says

    I wasn’t going to do a costume this year…and now I MUST COSTUME!

    1. admin says

      I have never costumed and I always feel like I am missing something. One of these years I will. I mean, heck, I wear a costume on Halloween every year and, frankly, I am too old to do that. But a good percentage of the costumed folks at DC are in my age bracket.

      Actually, you know what it is? Its that I am no where nearly as talented as the folks that do the serious costuming. Those folks blow my mind every year.

      Thanks for the comment Carmel.


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