Unique Geek Game Show – Season 2 Episode 4 – The Unique Geek

We hear you... Do you hear us?


Episode 4 is finally here.

In this episode: Leigh (@LeighBC) pulls triple-duty as scorekeeper, contestant, and technical blight, JJ (@JJHawkins/The Website Of Doom) shows us how a professional podcaster rolls with the punches, and Rox (@SpazHouseLLC) provides answers that require you to use Spazhouse, LLC – Intuitive Research … it’s all part of her plot to take over the world.

Games played: Geek News, Geek Blitz, Show Me The Money, Sports Talk, and Ramming Speed.
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The “transcript” for this episode is available here: theuniquegeek.com/podcasts/TUG_GS_204.html

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