50 Days Of Dragon Con 2019 (Day 44) – Look Who’s Talking Con


We are talking panels and panelists when Leigh welcomes Sue, Jess, Rob, and Nathan into the podcast.

Here is where you can find our guests:

Jess: Tomorrow’s Legends Facebook and Twitter

Rob: Twitter and Facebook 

Sue: Women At Warp

Nathan: The 42cast

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The Transcript (such as it is): Transcript

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  1. Deana says

    I’ve really been enjoying all the podcasts. I feel better prepared for my first DragonCon.
    One podcast that has helped me in preparation for speaking at panels, has been this one from Writing Excuses. I try to follow it’s advice before any con I attend.

    I think it helps greatly. Now to finish getting ready for my 3 panels.

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